eStore Automation

All eStores are built automatically, personalized to each account, and preloaded with inventory from approved suppliers. While competitors offer eStores with great technical features, the owners typically have to do all the work. Our competitors require store owners to select vendors, configure and load inventory, maintain product updates, create graphics to meet specific requirements, set up merchant accounts, handle invoices and payables with suppliers, calculate and file sales taxes in all applicable jurisdictions, market the site to end-users, and handle all customer inquiries and returns. In an eCommerce perfect world, a store owner wants to have all of the above done for them. Our proprietary eComNow solution marries our fully-automated eStore setup with an expert Managed Services’ team to do all this heavy-lifting, thereby providing a hands-free operation to each store owner.

eComNow provides to each eStore owner:

  • Pre-built site with graphics appropriate to each market
  • Inventory from top suppliers in the industry, pre-configured and cataloged on-store
  • Managed Services team for eStore customization to best suit individual owners
  • Unique URL and portal to access real-time reports and management options
  • Fully-automated vendor payment system, requiring no open accounts with suppliers
  • Sales profit paid direct to store owners automatically; no merchant account required
  • Sales tax calculation and distribution handled by the platform
  • Product returns handled by the platform for all eStores
  • HELP desk to support all eStore owners
estore template